Smoky Valley Goat Cheese is a small production, artisan producer of traditional, quality goat cheese and dairy products. The farm north of Smoky Lake, Alberta is where cheesemaker Holly Gale turns fresh, healthful goat milk into traditional, farmstead yogurts, semi-soft cheeses, and ripened cheeses – varying in texture, flavors, potency, character and style. There’s something for every palate in the world of cheese, so do check out the some of our cheeses here. Or better still, check out some of the lovely places that carry our product and try them all yourself!

After a stressful first year with more challenges than we ever imagined possible, we’re excited to tackle the coming year with our newly acquired experience. One of the changes in 2011 will be a temporary shift of focus away from milk production – our milk will come from a local producer whose product we’re experienced with. Until Larry can be on-farm full-time, it will give us the time we need to deal with the explosion of sales and marketing tasks we’re faced with, and to focus on cheesemaking [which takes a lot of time and love!!].

When the farmer’s market season ends, we continue to supply our customers via our winter CSA, please email us if you’d like to receive details when they’re released in the fall.